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What is Red Volcano?

If you had 1,000 employees that you didn't have to pay, what would you ask them to do?

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100bn Data points collected for our clients


Our flagship product for Ad Tech

What technologies are the worlds top 10m websites using? Magma scans all these sites and brings the results in to a world-class UI.

Use Magma to search through millions of websites, filtering by technology, category, country etc.

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Lead Generation

Enrich your CRM, increase your sales

No fluff, all action. We build custom lead generation systems for our clients built around your success criteria.

Pulling company and contact data from thousands of different places, and pushing them into any CRM.

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Web Scraping

Any Website, Any Data

Utilize our proprietary technology to pull data from any website, data store, or PDF.

We'll then push that data to you in any form you need, seemlessly, adding any extra data you need and even classifying the content by IAB category and language.

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A treasure trove of data

IAB's Ads.txt initiative to protect the buyer chain means so much more than just fraud protection.

Red Volcano work with supply and demand partners to leverage the data available in Ads.txt files across the worlds top 10m websites.

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LinkedIn Automation

Let us do the hard work

We plug directly in to LinkedIn to automate your messaging, connections, and sales conversations.

Hundreds of companies, thousands of contacts, directly into your CRM every day.

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Google & Amazon Search

Automate the worlds best search engine

Our Google Search technology is able to pull millions of results directly from Google.

The same technology plugs effortlessly into Amazon, to scrape millions of results, reviews etc.

Simply access our API with your search terms, and we will return with as many results as you need.

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Our technology?

How we build your success

At Red Volcano, the architecture of our technology allows us to piece together the perfect solution with speed and efficiency.

Think of it as picking a suit off the rack versus a tailored suit. Only a tailored suit fits you perfectly.

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