The web's data, at your will

Google and Amazon scraping

The giant's data, at your finger-tips.

Google and Amazon represent the majority of useful, searchable, and accessible data on the web.

However, both are notorious for being incredibly difficult to extract data from - but not for Red Volcano.

Our technology allows us to seemlessly extract data from both Google and Amazon, for as much as you could possibly need.

How does it work?

For Google, either let us know the search term and number of pages you need, or we can give you access directly to the tech through our API.

For Amazon, we're completely flexible based on what you need. Just let us know.

What are the limits, how much data can I get?

As much as you like! Both services are unlimited, you simply pay a price per request.

What data can I get from Google?

What data can I get from Amazon?

What country do make requests from?

For Google, all major (T1) countries.

For Amazon, com, ca,,, de, fr, it, nl, es,,, cn, in,

How can I learn more?

We'd be happy to discuss your requirements, head over to the contact page and let us know how we can help.

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