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Tailor-made Lead Generation systems

Our modular architecture allows us to quickly put together the perfect lead generation engine.

We pull data directly from the sources that are most relevant to your business, and either push them into your CRM, or give you your own UI within Red Volcano.

Tried and tested, we pull tens of thousands of contacts a day from places like LinkedIn, and can even automate your email and linkedIn messages to them. Automation, no sweat!

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Website list generation

Many of our clients generate business directly from websites, but with 250 million websites to search through, the problem becomes finding the needle in the haystack. That's where Red Volcano step in.

We take your criteria for the perfect website, search the web, and return you a list of sites - supplemented with any extra data you need, such as contact details.

Typical requests include sites that: "At least six months old" - "Are using header-bidding" - "All sports and cookery websites" - "Built on wordpress" - "Have ads.txt" - "Use a particular Shopify plugin" - "In the Alexa top 1m"

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Collect, clean, categorize

The challenge was to compare hundreds of different data sources, in different formats, in a uniform way.

Red Volcano built a system to pull this data in real-time, analyze the content to IAB categorize it, and then expose all of the results through our API.

Our client now has access to this data without ever having to worry about formatting, content changes etc. We even push up-to-date results directly into their system.

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Track sales, globally!

Our multinational client had an impossible task. Track the sale of particular items across the globe, and report when they peak or drop.

We love a challenge! We built a system to monitor over 100 different data points, in 12 different countries. All the results are analysed daily and if something dramatic happens, our client knows instantly!

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Web Crawling / Web Scraping

At the core of everything we do is our web crawling technology.

We are able to pull up to 6 billion pages a month, from any source online. We can then process that data into any format you need and push it directly into your own CRM/backend.

If you're looking to collect data from the web, look no further.

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